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   Welcome to Beautiful Faces of GA, a celebration of NATURAL beauty & Talented kids. We are proud to bring the true meaning  of natural beauty to the forefront of competition. Our competitions are based solely on first impression, natural beauty, and personallity. There are no modeling or attire scores and prelim and State competitions are competed in your choice of a blue jean bottom and white top; no make up is allowed on girls under 12 years of age. Unlike pageant systems we do not use pageant judges; our competitions are judged by the top Children's Model & Talent agencies in the SoutheastWhile judging, the agents look for new faces to sign and represent thier agencies. We are very particular about the agencies that we use; we do not use or promote agencies that solict classes or portfolios. Legitimate agencies make money by finding your child work if they are signed. BFG makes no promises that any child will be selected but are extending to you a wonderful opprotunity for your child to be seen and hopefully DISCOVERED!

BFG Competitions are open to all 50 states