What is the attire for this competition?
For model interview, Attire for girls & boys is any blue jean bottom of their choice and a white top of any sleeve length, style or fit. No makeup for contestants under 13yrs of age.

Can there be designs on the top?
Yes, there can be trim like lace, ribbon, or ruffles but all trim must be white. Exception for boys, If boys are wearing a polo it is OK for a small colored emblem on chest. 

What kind of blue jean bottom?
Bottoms can be anything from shorts, pants, skirts, etc.. as long as they are blue deniem. Bottoms may have colored decorations or trim. Anything goes for bottoms. 

What kind of shoes can my child wear?
Any shoe that compliments they're outfit. Even bare toes are fine for small babies.

What are the Makeup and Hair guidelines?
We ask that all contestants under the age of 13 yrs wear no makeup. Girls 13yrs and older may wear light age appropriate makeup. Please remember less is more. We want kids that look like kids. Kids have flaws, freckles, scars, and boo boos and thats fine, don't worry to cover up those things. 

Can my child wear jewelry?
Yes, small earrings are fine, small necklaces and bracelets are fine. Just remember simple is best, we want the attention on your child not the jewelry. 

Is there a stage?
No, all competition is done with the kids standing right infront of the agents tables, small children we will ask that you sit or stand them on the table. The agents will talk and interact with them. All questions will be age appropriate and there are no right or wrong answers. 

Can my child bring a toy with them?
Yes, if your child is in the 0-5yr breakdown, they may bring a small toy (no bigger than their hand) up with them. This may help them socialize with the agents by showing them something they like. I also suggest letting them wear a cute bracelet, ring, or paint their fingernails a pretty color! Anything they can show off. For boys, a small car, or picture of their cat or dog or pet is great to get them talking!

Will they count off if I go up with my child?
Absolutely not! The most important thing is that your child is comfortable. If your child needs you to accompany them then by all means, but if your child needs their independence please let them go up by themselves as well. 

Is it really that easy?
Yes, it is very casual; we want kids to be themselves, not rehearsed. They are looking for kids being kids. One parent may go up with a child under 5yrs. Please do not answer questions for your child. Children under 2 can be sat or stood on the table for better access by agents. Children under 5 may also take a small toy or photo up with them to give them something to talk about. Remember have fun!

What are they looking for? 
Agents will be looking for unique personalities, ability to take direction, and unique looks. Remember every kid you see on TV and movies is not always the most beautiful. A lot of things make up a star!

​Model Interview

For Fashion runway (if applicable) , think casual - dressy catalog wear, anything goes to express personality but no costumes please.


What size picture do we need to turn in?
Any size 4 x 6 and above, 5 x 7s and 8 x 10s are preferred. Please put your child's name on the back of the picture. 
Agents prefer natural mommy pictures, snapshots are fine, but please make sure the child is looking at the camera. Pictures with sunglasses or things covering the face are cute but not preferred by the agents. 

Does the picture have to be professional?
No, most will turn in snapshots that have been taken by parents, it is about the child and their photogenic quality, not the quality of the photo. 

How can my 3 yr old compare to a 7 year old, they can express more personality.
Yes, a older child can express themselves more than a younger, no child is ever compared to any other, and there is no group lineup. each contestant is judged on their own merit and how they connect with the agents. So basically a 3 yr old is expected to act like a 3 yr old and a 7 yr old is expected to act as a 7 yr old. 

Monologue (if applicable)
Time limit is 3 minutes and is your choice. Monologue should be age appropriate such as nursery rhymes, poems, etc for small kids. Older kids can recite a monologue of their choice or write their own. There will be a monologue winner in each age division. Winners will receive a nice award.

Talent Competition (if applicable)
Time limit is 3 minutes and is your choice. You may dance, sing, recite monologue, or play an instrument. Music (CD Only) must be labeled and ready to play. Attire is anything goes that complements the talent being performed. Talent competition is on Friday evening beginning at 7pm. You may enter 1 addt talent. Your highest score will be used to determine winner. 

What do they win?
Age division Top Model winners will receive large trophy 
All children not placing will receive a large trophy. No one leaves empty handed.
Your model interview score will determine the winners

Overall Awards
There will be two overalls, one for ages 3yrs-8 years and one for ages 9yrs and up.
The overall winner is the contestant that has the highest scores of all the other contestants in their overall brackets (3-8yrs or 9yrs+) The 2 overall winners will receive a 4ft trophy and recognition on the BFG website

Is there a sibling discount?
Yes, The first child enters for full price and the second enters for $25.00 off. 

Do you have to win to get scouted?
No, there will definitely be more kids scouted then there are winners. It takes the combined scores from all agents to determine the winners, but only 1 agent to say they are interested in your child to be scouted. There will be multiple agents in attendance. 

When will I know if my child have been scouted?
It will be announced on event day after awards are given. Each scouted contestant will be called up to accept their scouting ticket/s. It will have the info you will need to schedule an appt with the agent to discuss representation of your child. 

What kind of agencies will be there?
BFG only uses and promotes booking agents. That means these agents only make money by finding your child work. Their fees are based on commission only and are paid by the production company that hires you.There is no money paid out by you. No one will solicit you for portfolios or modeling classes.

What if my child does not win?
Every child will be treated as though they are wonderful and special and all kids will leave feeling like a winner! No child will leave with anything less than a large trophy & gift! 

How many kids get scouted?
We can never say how many cause our agents determine that. But I can tell you the percentage of kids getting scouted is normally around 25%. So 1 out of 4 kids normally gets scouted. Always remember an agent will not scout your child just because, cause they have nothing to gain from signing your child unless they can find them work. If it worked the other way around where the parents were to be charged fees for representation or classes they would have no reason to not just scout everyone! and that's not what we are about. 

Why is there a fee to compete?
This is my business, I work very hard to put these events together and the entry fees go towards event locations, agent transportation and lodging if necessary, and of course the nice awards that are given out. Every contestant receives a trophy. This is a small price to pay to be seen in front of a table full of reputable booking agents, when most people have to send in a photo and wait forever to find out if someone is interested in seeing you. We are basically cutting through the chase!

* Remember there are no promises, we cannot guarantee that your child will be scouted and if they are, your agent cannot guarantee that your child will be booked. BFG’s job is to give your child this opportunity to be seen by reputable model /talent agencies. Your agent if you’re signed, is responsible for marketing your child for work. Ultimately the client picks the talent. 

If you have a question that has not been addressed please feel free to call 770-229-2249 or email me at beautifulfacesofga@yahoo.com

Good Luck to Everyone! I can't wait to see your Beautiful Faces!

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