I hope your as excited as we are!

You have just started the process of being DISCOVERED!
Please make sure you have submitted the online entry form as well as paying your entry fee or deposit. Your deposit is mandatory to secure your spot in the event. We only accept the first 10 in each age division. If you have not submitted the entry from yet please click HERE to do so.

What now?
Please check in the printable entry form for all times and location information HERE

The day of competition-
Please be there an hour to 30 minutes before event begins.Please bring cash to pay balance if owed and picture that we can keep. Pictures should be larger than wallet but not bigger than 8 x 10,  color or B/W is fine. 
You will receive contestant number and then you may go in and sit down in room until we begin. 
Please come dressed and ready. You may change into your shirt there but please do not expect dressing rooms at our venues. Please keep accessories simply ie; small earrings, bracelet, necklace, etc...
Any style of shoe if fine. Bare toes are fine for babies. 
Please keep hairstyles natural and in its natural state, meaning if hair is curly do not straighten it and vice versa. 
Small barrettes, ribbons, and headbands, etc are fine. 
Small children may bring small toys up with them to give them something to do and show. Please make sure its something no bigger then their hand. 
1 person may come up with children under 5yrs. Please do not answer for child or coach them.
Please try your best to not have pacifiers in mouths of babies when you bring them up to agents.

Is there any other fees?
The only other fee we have is if you would like to enter the Overall Most Beautiful/Handsome jackpot.  The winners are determined by whoever has the highest natural facial scores. There will be one winner from the newborn- 5yr olds, and one winner from the age 6yr- up divisions. The winners will receive a trophy, and half of all the money taken in for this optional in the contestant’s overall age bracket. This contest is not mandatory but is fun! The fee for this is $10

How long will I be up there?
Less then 2-3 min., Each contestant is called up individually. 

What goes on at agent table?
For babies, agents will interact with child and are looking to see if the child can withstand being around or handled by strangers. They are looking for personality and awareness. 
For all others they are looking for personality, talents, and ability to take direction. 
The agents will ask the contestants questions about themselves, there are no wrong answers. 

Do you have to win to get scouted?
No, there will definitely be more kids scouted then there are winners. It takes the combined scores from agents to determine the winners, but only 1 agent to say they are interested in your child to be scouted. There will be multiple agents in attendance.

When will I know if my child have been scouted?
It will be announced that day after awards are given. Each scouted contestant will be called up to accept their scouting ticket/s. It will have the info you will need to schedule an appt with the agent to discuss representation of your child. 

What if my child does not win?
Every child will be treated as though they are wonderful and special and all kids will leave feeling like a winner! No child will leave with anything less than a nice trophy! We do give our agents the choice to stay to answer questions. Those that do will gladly answers questions from you and help you understand why they might not have been chosen and what you may can work on to possibly try again later. 

Is it really this simple?
Yes, absolutely! This is a wonderful opportunity to be seen and scouted by multiple agencies at one time! We wish you the very best of luck and hope that BFG can be the beginning of a new future for you! Shoot for the stars!

See your Beautiful Faces soon!